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Empower your business with mobile solutions

Aerion Solutions is a company specialized in mobile service and cloud service management and development. We are focused on internal - enterprise to employee - mobility services and solutions. Our expertise covers the full lifecycle of mobile and cloud services from definition to implementation and management. With our flexible partner network we are able offer our customers a unique combination of planning and infrastructure services that support the implementation of your organisations mobile services.

Mobility services to enterprises

Our goal is to help our customers to develop mobile service that enable to mobile workforce by including the mobile devices as a part of the organisation's existing it-infrastructure. To achieve that goal we utilise industry's leading technical platforms in our solutions (for example AirWatch and Okta). We offer mobile device management, mobile email management, mobile content management and mobile application management services to our customers. Modern enterprise architecture consists of a combination of mobile and cloud services that enable employees to work wherever they want and whenever they want.

Deliver corporate content to mobile devices

Consumers have already discovered the benefits of mobile content management and via the consumer grade content management solutions mobile content management is commonplace in the enterprises too.

With an mobile content management solution designed for enterprise use you'll leverage your organisation's efficiency and ensure security. Based on our customer's needs we deliver content management solutions cloud based or on premise. Easy to use mobile content management solution makes it easy to secure your organisation content on the road also.

Cloud based identity management

Wide adoption of public cloud services create new challenges for it departments. For example identity management in a mixed cloud-legacy system environment can be hard to manage centrally. With our unique IDM services your organisation can simplify the joining of legacy authentication methods to cloud authentication and automate the provisioning and de-provisioining of cloud services. Our solution enables the usage of multi-factor authentication and SSO with most public cloud services.

Aerion Blog

Video: Palvelupyynnöt eri kanavista Zendeskiin

Monikanavaisena asiakaspalveluratkaisuna Zendesk tukee kaikkia käytetyimpiä asiakaspalvelukanavia. Näin saadaan kaikki kommunikaatio asiakkaiden kanssa tiketteinä Zendeskin tiketöintijärjestelmään talteen ja hallittavaksi.


Video: Certificate based SSO on mobile devices to Office 365 apps with VMware Workspace ONE

Users do not require to type user names or passwords to gain access to Microsoft Office 365 apps, including Outlook and VMware Boxer mail clients.


AirWatch REST API integration: Aerion Zendesk-to-AirWatch Integration App

Aerion Solutions Oy has developed a REST API integration between AirWatch Endpoint Management and Zendesk ticketing solution. Any Zendesk agent can see all the devices of the end user and the relevant information regarding the devices from the Zendesk ticket.


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