Aerion Solutions Oy is VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider in Finland with VMware certified consultants.

We offer VMware NSX Network Virtualization planning, implementation, ongoing management and best practices.

VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Embedded Security

VMware NSX enables datacenter’s network virtualization.
NSX embeds networking and security functionality that is typically handled in hardware directly into the hypervisor. Network virtualization enables similar development as server virtualization, but now to network hardware instead of servers.
NSX Network Virtualization provides the following benefits:

  • Virtual servers can be configured into production in minutes – including network configuration
  • The security within datacenter can be enhanced with micro-segmentation
  • The end users can reach only the servers they are entitled to in the datacenter
  • Applications including their network and security settings can be moved from datacenter to another or to managed cloud and/or back

More information regarding VMware NSX: http://www.vmware.com/products/nsx

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