Zscaler offers comprehensive security, data protection, visibility and control – 100% in the cloud. Secure, policy-based access to any cloud or Internet application from anywhere, on any device. No hardware, no software, no headaches.

Zscaler protects organizations networks by securely tunneling the traffic to Zscaler cloud service. With Zscaler you do not need to route all traffic anymore via the main site. Instead, Zscaler enables your sites to go directly, but safely into internet thus saving valuable bandwidth and cumulative costs for bigger and bigger security appliances.

For road warriors the Zscaler application offers protection outside of office walls by creating a secure tunnel into Zscaler service. Zscaler makes sure that nothing harmful comes in, and that nothing important leaks out. Zscaler application is available for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows devices.

Zscaler has a readily built integration with AirWatch mobility management that can be used for provisioning the Zscaler application into mobile devices and laptops.


More information about Zscaler is available on the vendors webpage:


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