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Android Emulator




Genymotion provides the Android developers a rapid and easy way to test their own applications in over 3000 different Android configurations. Application testing can be performed in all Android models without physical devices.
Genymotion helps also in after sales situations, when the application does not function as designed in the customer’s device: support personnel can diagnose the situation remotely.

More information: Genymotion website

Android Configurator




Genydeploy configurator software installs an Android configuration into dozens of Android devices simultaneously. The Android devices to be configured do not need to be of same model. Genydeploy runs in a PC to which the Android devices are connected via USB cables. When a USB cable gets connected, Genydeploy installs the selected configuration automatically. The optimal number of devices to be connected at the same time is around one dozen. As soon as the first device is ready it can be changed to another one. Genydeploy is an ideal solution for mass deployments where the need is to configure a lot of devices in a short period of time. Typical use cases are large MDM enrollments where devices are ready to be used by end users in minutes.

For Android resellers Genydeploy offers a possibility to configure the Android devices as service. Genydeploy produces the needed reports that include serial numbers, IMEI codes and installed configurations with date and time.

In education Genydeploy can be used to return the Android tablets to original configuration after student usage.

More information: Genydeploy website

Create Your Own Android Environment




We can tailor made your own Android OS when the readily available Android devices will not do. With your own Android OS configuration, you get exactly what is wanted – and not unnecessary extras.
Your own branding and functionality not found normally can be added into your project. And as your own Android OS version is in the device’s firmware, the factory reset returns the device back to it.

GenyMaster can be made to function in your chosen device configuration.

More information: Genymaster website


More information about Genymobile is available on the vendors webpage:


Aerion Blog

Video: Palvelupyynnöt eri kanavista Zendeskiin

Monikanavaisena asiakaspalveluratkaisuna Zendesk tukee kaikkia käytetyimpiä asiakaspalvelukanavia. Näin saadaan kaikki kommunikaatio asiakkaiden kanssa tiketteinä Zendeskin tiketöintijärjestelmään talteen ja hallittavaksi.


Video: Certificate based SSO on mobile devices to Office 365 apps with VMware Workspace ONE

Users do not require to type user names or passwords to gain access to Microsoft Office 365 apps, including Outlook and VMware Boxer mail clients.


AirWatch REST API integration: Aerion Zendesk-to-AirWatch Integration App

Aerion Solutions Oy has developed a REST API integration between AirWatch Endpoint Management and Zendesk ticketing solution. Any Zendesk agent can see all the devices of the end user and the relevant information regarding the devices from the Zendesk ticket.


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