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VMware Workspace ONE combines Airwatch Mobile Device Management and VMware Identity Manager in an easy to use, simple way for users to single-sign-on (SSO) to organization's resources.
Users access an Unified Application Catalog which contains mobile, desktop and web applications and enables single-sing-on to them.

  • SaaS Services (Salesforce, BOX, Office365, …)
  • Web applications within the organizations internal network (utilizing Airwatch per-App VPN)
  • Windows applications (Citrix XenApp, Microsoft RDHS, VMware Horizon)
  • Windows Desktop VDI (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware Horizon)
  • Mobile device native apps (iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS)
  • AirWatch mobile applications (VMware Boxer email, Content Locker, Browser)

The Workspace ONE portal can be accessed with a web browser or the Workspace ONE app, available for iOS, Android and Windows.

The required level of access and authentication method can be defined per application.
Different authentication policies and methods can be combined using Airwatch Mobile device management and Identity Manager policies.
VMware Verify two-factor authentication can be used to provide an additional layer of security.

For end-users

Workspace ONE helps end-users by consolidating authentication to the organization's resources into a single, easy to use catalog. Valuable time spent for recurring authentication to different systems is freed to actual work.
Workspace ONE provides the same identity and access management experience on any device, anywhere.

For administrators

Deploying and distributing organizational resources to end-user’s is quick, as users get all apps from a single unified catalog. Administrators can follow resource utilization and application usage in real time from VMware Identity Manager.
Administrators can easily define access levels to applications for unmanaged and Airwatch managed devices.

For example: Inside the organizational network, users gain access to resources by just utilizing certificate authentication, but from public networks access to those same resources also requires password authentication in addition to the automatically installed certificate on the device.

Additional information about VMware Workspace ONE:

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Internal and external Identity and Access Management (IAM) use cases have been traditionally taking care of by two separate teams: IT for the internal, Development Team for the external. This has led to two separate Identity stores and processes within the organizations.


Video: macOS management and DEP enrollment with VMware AirWatch

New macOS devices can be easily setup by end-users within minutes through Apple DEP enrollment. AirWatch provides powerful, yet easy to use functionality to enable users with straight forward access to intranet resources, but keeping devices secure and compliant with enterprise policies.


OKTA and VMware join forces for mobile & cloud security and usability

OKTA and VMware announced their technology co-operation in OKTANE Las Vegas on 23.5.2018. Common customers, like Adobe, had been asking for this integration to get device compliance checks by VMware AirWatch combined with OKTA’s leading Identity Cloud solutions. .


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