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Mobile Apps - Threat or Opportunity?

As the penetration of mobile devices increases the importance of securing the devices gets bigger. Most significant threat for corporate data in mobile enterprise are the apps used on the devices. Over 80% of applications available in the public appstores use - one way or another - data stored in the mobile device. These applications are not usually malware but corporate data can leak because the application's code is bad or the app is used carelessly.

Appthority provices the industry's first service which makes it possible to automate risk analysis on public apps available in the appstores. Service functions on multiple platforms (iOS, Android and Blackberry) and it is possible to integrate the service to leading mobile device management solutions (for example AirWatch).

Appthority - Features

Quick Automatic Analysis

Appthority's solution analyses the apps and identifies the hidden risks. Appthority "Trust Score" gives the rating on how safe the application is.

Creating Your Application Policy with Appthority Portal

Appthority's portal enables your organisation to create a custom application policy. Policy can be based on device type (corporate owned, BYOD), department or location. With the policy you can automate appclication filters using white list or black list protocols. Application policies can be enforced on the end devices with an MDM solution.

Appthority's detailed reporting engine simplifies reporting for the rest of the organisation.


Appthority integrates directly to all the major MDM solutions and firewalls. With Appthority's REST api  the solution is easy to integrate to other security solutions and enterprise software.

Additional Information

Appthority's homepage.

Start a free trial here.

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