JumpCloud - Directory-as-a-Service

Alternative to Active Directory® or LDAP


JumpCloud - Directory-as-a-Service


JumpCloud connects user identities from Directory-as-a-Service to local user accounts, systems, apps, files, and networks. With JumpCloud you have the same user account to logon locally (Windows, macOS , Linux) and to authenticate to Directory-as-a-Service and other local or SaaS services.

JumpCloud offers the following functionalities to build a modern it environment

  • Directory-as-a-Service connects employee identities to theiur systems, apps, files, networks
  • User management in one place - Directory-as-a-Service
  • Device Management – Windows, macOS, and Linux centralized management
  • User account Management – Windows, macOS , and Linux local users
  • Group Management – service targeting to groups
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – over 140 ready SaaS integrations
  • G Suite integration – directory service to G Suite users
  • RADIUS server as a service – WLAN/WiFi users from the Directory-as-a-Service
  • Password safety – Password Complexity Builder
  • Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) – Google Authenticator support
  • LDAP-as-a-Service
  • Event Logging API
  • MS O365 integration
  • Active Directory Bridge – reading the user accounts from AD
  • Samba File Server and NAS authentication support

More information about JumpCloud www.jumpcloud.com

Ask for more information or request a demo/trial here

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