Okta – Single SignOn to SaaS and On-premise applications


Okta Enterprise Identity Management


Integrate your own user directories, your partners’ and customers’ user identities for simplified SSO authentication – AD, LDAP, IdP and 5000+ cloud services (SaaS) readily supported

1. Extended user authentication with Active Directory or LDAP

  • AD delegated authentication
  • Authentication via partner and/or customer AD/LDAP
  • Creation of user identities directly into Okta cloud service

2. Turnkey integrations to thousands of cloud services

  • Office365, G Suite, Box, ServiceNow, SalesForce, WorkDay, etc.
  • SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and WS-Fed support
  • User account provisioning and de-provisioning with SSO (if the service has APIs available)
  • Build Yourself Wizard which enables customer to build their own integrations
  • Instead of setting up your own customised servers (ADFS) you can use cloud based service for authentication
  • Also supported: 

    Secure Web Authentication

    Integrated Web Authentication (Desktop SSO)

    System for Cross-Domain Management, SCIM (SAML integration to on premise applications)

3. Single Sign On and integrated multifactor authentication

  • Single Sign On to all applications within your domain or in the cloud 
  • Desktop Single Sign On to cloud services
  • Multifactor authentication:

    Okta Soft Token Mobile App (6 digit PIN Code) – part of SSO product

    OKTA Verify App and Push support (Android, iOS)

    Google Authenticator

    Security Question

    SMS, Phone call, Email with 6 digit PIN code

  • Physical USB Token - Yubikey

  • Also supported:

    Symantec VIP

    RSA SecureID

How to start?

Okta offers a free forever Cloud Connect version which you can use to integrate one SaaS-service f.ex. to your AD (Delegated Authentication). If you have implemented or are implementing a cloud service (Box, Office365, etc.) you can offer your users the possibility to authenticate to the service using their own AD credentials via Okta or via desktop SSO.

Implementing the service is quick. Typical implementation is done in one day with the help of our specialists.

You can book a demo via the contact form.

More information about the differences between free and paid versions:

Why Okta?

  • Get rid of constant password resets to several different systems
  • Manage new and leaving users in the cloud and the AD/LDAP
  • Provide users a safe and easy way to authenticate to different systems with one user id
  • Extend user authentication to include also customers and partners
  • MultiFactor authentication to SaaS and OnPremise applications

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