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Aerion Solution Oy is a Sigfox Channel Partner in Finland and globally.

Our consultants have decades of experience from endpoint device management and backend integrations. We have done mobile device management for several years with industry leading VMware Airwatch platform and have now expanded our offering to IoT (Internet of Things) realm.

Sigfox Features

In Finland the Sigfox network is operated by:

For Sigfox IoT devices we offer easy and fast onboarding: Sigfox device network connectivity, device lifecycle management starting from the provisioning and testing phase.

During onboarding phase, we offer integrations to organizations Asset Management, CRM or CMDB systems to associate contact persons with their contact details. The integrations include also creation of support tickets for the Sigfox device physical installation to the enterprise environment. Integrations are typically handled over REST API integrations between systems. Our platform also supports device specific metadata and additional data using tag type information. All integrations are done with industry leading Waylay platform. Waylay is fully Sigfox certified IoT orchestration platform.

With our expertise and Waylay platform we can integrate Sigfox devices as part of your enterprise IT environment in matter of few days.

Additional information about the Sigfox IoT network:

Aerion Blog

AirWatch REST API integration: Aerion Zendesk-to-AirWatch Integration App

Aerion Solutions Oy has developed a REST API integration between AirWatch Endpoint Management and Zendesk ticketing solution. Any Zendesk agent can see all the devices of the end user and the relevant information regarding the devices from the Zendesk ticket.


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VMware AirWatch integration with Android for Work enables vendor independent Android management.


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