Getting Started Agenda with VMware Horizon View

Overview of available functionality

  • VMware Horizon View environment overview
  • Which operating systems can be published as VDI
  • VDI models: Full desktop, Linked-Clone, persistent, non-persistent
  • Application publishing overview

Review requirements for existing environment

  • Reviewing Active Directory requirements
  • Reviewing Microsoft SQL Server requirements
  • Reviewing VMware environment requirements

Horizon View Connection Server

  • Reviewing Connection Server requirements
  • Installing Connection Server
  • Connection Server Basic setup

Horizon View Security Server

  • Reviewing Security Server Requirements
  • Installing Security Server
  • Configuring Connection settings

View Composer

  • Reviewing View Composer requirements
  • Installing View Composer

Setting up RDSH pool

  • Reviewing Remote Desktop Service Host (RDSH) server requirements
  • Installing Horizon View Agent

Creating VDI master images

  • Basic VM fine tuning for VDI usage
  • Installing Horizon View Agent
  • Creating Full VDI
  • Creating Linked-Clone VDI

Assigning VDIs and Remote Apps

  • Creation of VDI and Application Pools
  • Users and Groups Entitlements for Pools

Testing Environment

  • Installing Horizon View Client
  • Connecting to Horizon Environment
  • Connecting to VDI
  • Executing Remote App

Questions and Bookings

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