Kaikki mobiliteetista

Tavoitteemme on, että olemme organisaationne avainkumppani kaikissa yrityksen mobiliteettiin liittyvissä asioissa. Arvioimme ja testaamme jatkuvasti uusia tuotteita, voidaksemme paremmin vastata asiakkaidemme tarpeisiin.

Tarjoamme laajan joukon tuotteita joiden avulla pyrimme ratkomaan asiakkaidemme haasteita mm. seuraavilta alueilta:

  • mobiliteetin hallinta
  • yrityssovellusten mobilisointi
  • mobiili tietoturva
  • mobiilidatan optimointi

Aerion Blog

Customer/Consumer Identity and Access Management – CIAM

Internal and external Identity and Access Management (IAM) use cases have been traditionally taking care of by two separate teams: IT for the internal, Development Team for the external. This has led to two separate Identity stores and processes within the organizations.

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Video: macOS management and DEP enrollment with VMware AirWatch

New macOS devices can be easily setup by end-users within minutes through Apple DEP enrollment. AirWatch provides powerful, yet easy to use functionality to enable users with straight forward access to intranet resources, but keeping devices secure and compliant with enterprise policies.

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OKTA and VMware join forces for mobile & cloud security and usability

OKTA and VMware announced their technology co-operation in OKTANE Las Vegas on 23.5.2018. Common customers, like Adobe, had been asking for this integration to get device compliance checks by VMware AirWatch combined with OKTA’s leading Identity Cloud solutions. .

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