AirWatch Custom Administrator Training - Build Your Own Training

Target audience: AirWatch administrators who want to learn about best practices for AirWatch management and deepen their skills. Basic console knowledge is an advantage but not required.
Location: You decide: On-site at your office, online or in our classroom (Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo, Finland)
Language: English
Training time:

Minimum 1 day, but we use as much time as needed to cover all of the wanted topics

Additional information
and booking:


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AirWatch Custom Administrator Training Content

You can build your own custom training by using any of the below training content items.
If there is any items which you would like to add, please contact us with your request and we will include those items to your custom training plan.

Working with Organization Groups, Smart Groups, User Groups - Best Practices

  • Have CSV with devices and users for import
  • Exercise for OG creation with routing
  • Exercise to create dynamic and static Smart Groups
  • Exercice to add users manually to custom groups


AirWatch Security Roles Best Practices

  • Review of out of the box security roles
  • Creation of custom roles
  • Setup of security role for "Support I" and "Support II" workers
  • Setup of custom security role for user Self Service Portal access


MDM Enrollment without vendor specific IDs (Windows Phone 8.x)

  • Simplified enrollment process for Windows Phone 8.x without Microsoft ID
  • Discovery Server Overview
  • Code signing of AirWatch Agent
  • Configuration of AirWatch Hub


MDM Enrollment without vendor specific IDs (Android)

  • Enrollment of Android without Google ID
  • How to retrieve the AirWatch Agent .apk file
  • How to retrieve additional AirWatch apps .apk files
  • Installation and enrollment of Android via AirWatch Agent .apk files
  • Distribution and Upgrade or AirWatch SCL and Browser as internal apps


MDM Enrollment without vendor specific IDs (iOS)

  • Enrollment of iOS without AppleID (web based)
  • Limitations of agent less vs. Agent based enrollment
  • Overview of iOS enrollment options with Apple Configurator


Best practices setup before mass deployment

  • Console and app branding
  • Creation of e-mail and SMS templates (for enrollment and compliance rules)
  • Terms of Use Creation
  • Privacy Settings
  • Enrollment restrictions
  • MDM Agent Configuration Check
  • Data privacy: The concept of Remote File Storage (RFS)

Basics of AirWatch Troubleshooting

  • Basic understanding and verification of issues
  • Enrollment issues
  • Email issues
  • Profile issues
  • Application Issues
  • Secure Content Locker Issues
  • How to speed up support tickets


Setup of Shared Device Mode

  • Overview of shared device security
  • Configuration of OG structure to support shared device mode
  • Creation of profiles for shared devices usage
  • Enrollment of shared devices
  • Checkout and Checkin of shared devices with email and passcode settings following users


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and AirWatch Workspace (iOS and Android)

  • Overview
  • Challenges and solutions for BYOD scenarios
  • Configuring Workspace and App Settings
  • Custom tailor user experience and organization requirements (SSO, Application Security, Application Settings)
  • Workspace on IOS
  • Workspace on Android
  • How to manage Workspace from the AirWatch console


Enrollment staging (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1)

  • How to use device staging
  • Difference between simple and advanced
  • Caution about SSO
  • Staging of each supported OS


AirWatch Reporting and Analytics

  • Business Challenges
  • Using AirWatch Reports
  • Analytics Automation
  • Using the Hub

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