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Windows software virtualization solution for universities and polytechnics

Virtualize 100% of your Windows applications: Any Windows software currently available for Windows workstations or VDI sessions.

Software2 is using Numecent Cloudpaging technology and has developed the software distribution solution "Software2 Hub" specifically for the need of universities and polytechnics.

Using virtual streaming technology, the S2Hub provides students and staff with a University AppStore which allows the distribution of Windows applications to any environment, no matter if the device is the institution’s own equipment, a VDI desktop session or a students BYOD device.

The technology enables the usage of applications already after about 10% of the application has been streamed to the workstation.

This third generation virtualization technology (originally developed at the University of California and patented by Numecent) is different from previously utilized software virtualization solutions as with it also Windows drivers and services can be virtualized. This allows all (100%) Windows applications to be virtualized, so it is no longer necessary to use different software distribution and repackaging tools for the delivery of complex technical and scientific software (STEM).

The S2Hub OnDemand Windows application virtualization solution provides the following benefits::

  • Physical Windows desktop and VDI images can be standardized to include only the operating system, Office and anti-virus solutions: Other Windows applications can be installed on demand from the S2Hub AppStore
  • Students may use their own devices (BYOD) to run educations applications: S2Hub license management makes On Campus / Off Campus licensing possible and also enables the use of concurrent license management
  • Centralized license management achieves about 20% of annual savings
  • Migration to Windows 10 is easy because almost all of the virtual packages made with previous versions of Windows, are already functional in Windows 10
  • Reduced server resources create significant savings: Standardized workstation and VDI images in combination with the S2Hub reduce server and storage amounts and require less management
  • Computer classrooms which were dedicated only for certain applications can be utilized for any purpose

Software2 has already over 100 universities as customers in Europe.


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