The latest Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary release introduces additional functionalities and possibilities for Windows 10 management.

With AirWatch all of the new features can be managed with the same user friendly console which is used to manage other platforms like Android and IOS.

Feature highlights include:

Simplified enrollment process for different use cases

  • User self-enrollment (BYOD)
  • Bulk enrollment (SCCM or IT driven for new or existing corporate owned devices)
  • Azure AD enabled enrollment (corporate owned new devices with simplifies out of box experience)

Microsoft Windows Store for Business integration

  • AirWatch administrators can manage and deploy applications automatically or on demand
  • Users do not require Microsoft accounts

Enterprise data protection

  • Work applications and data can be encrypted to prevent data leakage
  • Work protect applications and data are indicated with badge icon

Per-app VPN

  • Whitelisted applications can access internal network resources
  • No requirements for user interaction (turn VPN on or off)
  • Per-app VPN is safer than full VPN (access to all applications and processes)

Security Configuration

  • Easy configuration of Anti-Virus, firewall and automatic updates
  • Unwanted applications can be blacklisted to prevent installation (AppLocker)
  • AirWatch compliance policies can take automatic actions on compromised devices

Remote Management

  • Take remote control of the device screen and keyboard directly from the AirWatch admin console
  • Copy and paste files between a remote device and the admin device through the AirWatch admin console
  • Remote lock or enterprise wipe devices

The below videos contain demonstrations for BYOD and corporate owned devices.

Windows 10 and AirWatch Corporate Workflow

Windows 10 and AirWatch BYOD Workflow


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About the author
Veli-Matti Kukkonen is VMware Certified Professional - Desktop and Mobility and works as Senior Consultant for Aerion Solutions.

About Aerion Solutions
Aerion Solutions is AirWatch Elite Partner and VMware Enterprise Solution Provider in Finland with certified consultants and provides consulting and training services for AirWatch and VMware on-premise and SaaS implementations.