VMware AirWatch integration with Android for Work enables vendor independent Android management.

The below videos demonstrate different methods of Android for Work enrollment and end-user experience on the managed devices.

NOTICE: On 19.12.2017 Google announced that the "classic" model of EMM for Android devices will be deprecated in Android v10 and that Android for Work will be the only way to manage Android devices from this operating system version on.

VMware AirWatch released additional information regarding AirWatch strategy for Android for Work.

General benefits of Android for Work

  • Works with any Android device with Android v5 and above - No vendor requirement
  • Separates personal data from work data
  • Gives users native Android experience
  • Admins select, approve and deploy work apps (public and internal) silently in the background without personal GoogleIDs
  • Allows system apps in the Work Profile (Chrome, Contacts, Camera, etc.)
  • Keeps work data secure (DLP) by preventing sharing with personal apps

Additional benefits with VMware AirWatch
  • Single-sign on (SSO) to web- and native Android apps through VMware Workspace One
  • Application configuration - www.appconfig.org
  • Secure per-app VPN for
    - VMware Browser
    - VMware Content Locker
    - Any native Android app
  • Support for Work Profile (BYOD) and Work Managed (corporate owned) mode with simplified enrollment
  • Support for AirWatch Launcher in Work Managed Mode
  • Support for Samsung KNOX enrollment in combination with Work Managed mode

Click on an image for a video of the according enrollment method.

Work Managed Enrollment
AirWatch with Android for Work - Work managed enrollment video
- Work Managed enrollment starts from a new or factory reset device

- Users can scan a QR code or type "afw#airwatch" into the Google account screen to start the enrollment process

- Organization has full control over the device (including option for factory reset)

- Organization can allow or deny addition of personal Google accounts

- Supports AirWatch per-app VPN tunnel and productivity apps (VMware Boxer, Content Locker, Browser)

- Supports AirWatch Launcher
Samsung KNOX Work Managed EnrollmentAirWatch with Android for Work - Work managed KNOX enrollment video - Samsung KNOX enrollment supports Work Managed enrollment (starts from new or factory reset device) and simplifies the enrollment process by reducing needed steps due to AirWatch enrollment pre-configuration

- Admins can configure "staging" accounts in the KNOX enrollment configuration to ensure successful enrollment, without asking credentials from users

- If using a "staging" account, IT can pre-provision devices for users; when users receive the device, they only need to enter their AirWatch credentials (AD or basic account) to change the ownership of the device.

- Supports AirWatch per-app VPN tunnel and productivity apps (VMware Boxer, Content Locker, Browser)

- Works with Samsung devices with KNOX v2.8 and higher

- Supports AirWatch Launcher
Work Profile Enrollment
AirWatch with Android for Work - Profile mode video
- Work Profile mode allows users to enroll devices to Android for Work without the need for a factory reset.

- Separation between work and personal apps is clarified by a "badge" on each work managed application

- Administrators can only manage work apps and do not gain control over the device

- AirWatch provides plenty of configuration options to control the separation between work and private data

- Users can turn off "Work mode" to disable any work related notifications from work managed apps outside of working hours

- Supports AirWatch per-app VPN tunnel and productivity apps (VMware Boxer, Content Locker, Browser)


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