Windows 10 per-app VPN enables secure and seamless access to internal applications and resources.

The below video demonstrates VMware AirWatch per-app VPN functionality for Windows 10.

Per-app VPN allows organizations to configure VPN traffic rules for specified applications.
Only the white-listed applications and destinations can access internal network resources. The VPN connects automatically when a specified application is started and the application network traffic is automatically passed through the VPN connection.

With this approach organizations can ensure that internal data remains secure but overall device usage is not limited.

Benefits of per-app VPN with VMware AirWatch on Windows 10
  • Automatic per-app VPN connection only for white-listed applications
  • No user interaction required to turn connections on or off
  • Non-whitelisted applications use "normal" internet connection and cannot connect to internal resources
  • Server traffic rules define/limit which internal resources can be reached by white-listed applications
  • Seamless integration with VMware NSX Network Virtualization and Security Platform
  • Support for Win32 apps, modern/universal apps, web browsers
  • Corporate internal DNS is automatically used for white-listed apps and domains
  • Certificate based authentication: No user-names and passwords needed
  • Compliance rules monitor device health and remove per-app VPN access on any violation

AirWatch and Windows 10 per-app VPN


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About the author
Peter Giesa is AirWatch Certified Technical Post-Sales On-Prem Expert and works as Solution Architect & Senior Consultant for Aerion Solutions.

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