Internal and external Identity and Access Management (IAM) use cases have been traditionally taking care of by two separate teams: IT for the internal, Development Team for the external. This has led to two separate Identity stores and processes within the organizations.

As organizations become more digital the border between internal and external use cases has started to fade away and the need for more comprehensive identity management solutions has become more obvious.

OKTA is offering the same leading Identity functionality to be used by both teams:

  • IT has an easy to use interface to configure and manage identity and access to applications
  • Developers have Rest APIs and SDKs to use the same core functionality with mobile and web apps

In many CIAM cases there is also a need to offer other organizations federated access to offered services. With OKTA it is easy to offer your customer to be able to authenticate with their own credentials (f.ex. AD) to your solutions.

Good customer experience, modern identity to any App in 15 minutes, Enterprise grade security combined with centralized identity management make OKTA an obvious choice for organizations that are on the way to be digitalized.


Instead of trying to train and demand your developers to become Identity Management experts, it is better to let them concentrate on writing code for the applications itself and let OKTA handle the identity and security the right way – giving piece of mind to IT, Security and development teams.

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About the author
Ville Raassina works as Senior Consultant for Aerion Solutions and specializes in VMware Workspace ONE product offering and OKTA Identity & Access Management solutions.

About Aerion Solutions
Aerion Solutions is AirWatch Elite Partner, BOX Premier Partner, OKTA Premier Partner, VMware Premier Solution Provider and Zendesk Premier Partner in Finland with certified consultants and provides consulting and training services for AirWatch, BOX, OKTA, VMware and Zendesk implementations. Aerion Solutions’ consultants are familiar with G-Suite, O365, Azure and more traditional AD and LDAP environments.