Whenever users need to enroll their own devices, each manual step that can be removed is a huge benefit. This article demonstrates how to simplify the device enrollment process to AirWatch for iOS and Android devices.

Why is enrollment needed?

Enrollment registers the device with the device management platform, installs the according management agents and profiles and can also tie the device to the user who enrolls the device.

AirWatch also offers "staging" as an enrollment type. This is when IT or a service provider enrolls devices on behalf of the user, so that the user gets a ready to use device, but this is outside the scope of this article.

What about Windows Phone?

Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 enrollment follows a different approach than iOS and Android. We have a separate article available for simplified enrollment of Windows Phone 8. The enrollment of Windows Phone 8.1 will utilize the same approach as Windows Phone 8, by utilizing the WP8.1 "Workplace" functionality. More information about Windows Phone 8.1 enterprise management functionality can be found here.

How does the standard enrollment process look like for iOS and Android?

For iOS and Android the AirWatch enrollment process usually consists of the following steps:

1. User goes to public app store and downloads the AirWatch MDM Agent (alternatively the user can browse to http://awagent.com which re-directs to the according app-store and pre-selects the AirWatch MDM Agent app).

2. User opens the AirWatch MDM agent app.

3. User provides his e-mail address in the AirWatch MDM Agent which will automatically retrieve the correct AirWatch server URL and GroupID based on the users e-mail domain.

4. User authenticates with his user name and password (which can be his AD credentials, if AD integration has been done).

5.User confirms additional dialogs to complete the enrollment process.

How can this still be simplified?

AirWatch Administrators have the possibility to utilize out of the box e-mail templates to invite all or selected users to enroll their devices. Those e-mail templates are fully dynamic and can generate unique e-mail invitations for every user. The e-mails can contain links which users can click directly on their mobile device or QR codes which users can scan off their computer screen with any QR code reader, they have installed on their devices.

The links and QR codes can contain environment and user specific information, which removes the need for users to manually navigate to the app store or manually browse to the awagent.com web page. Additionally information about the environment and even the user name can be passed via variables, so users will not need to manually open the AirWatch MDM agent and will also not need to type their own e-mail address or user name.

The simplified process looks as follows:

1. User clicks on the enrollment link he received via e-mail directly on his device, or he scans the QR code with his device. This action will direct him to the download of the AirWatch MDM agent from the according app store.

2. Once the agent is installed, the user clicks the e-mail link again or scans the QR code again, which will automatically open the AirWatch MDM agent and pass the according environment and user parameters.

3. User types in his password.

4. User confirms additional dialogs to complete the enrollment process.

 How to get it done?

The easiest starting point is the utilization of the out-of-the-box e-mail templates which are provided by AirWatch. They can be easily cloned and customized with own branding, messages and language.

1. In the AirWatch Administration console navigate to > Devices > Settings > General > Message Templates and clone the template "User Activation (HTML).

2. Edit the cloned template and modify it to personal liking. In the following example I have added a custom logo and modified the text. Once editing is done, save the customized template.
IMPORTANT: Keep the Lookup Values/Variables of {EnrollmentQRCode} and {EnrollmentLandingPage} in the template, as they are automatically generated with unique values for each user.

Notice: When you click on "Insert Lookup Value" you get a list of all available variables which can be added into the e-mail template. This allows for fully dynamic content per user.

AirWatch e-mail template creation


3. To test the e-mail template, close the settings screen and navigate to "Accounts". Enable the checkbox for one or multiple users, then click on "Support" > Send Message and select the e-mail template you just created.

AirWatch e-mail sending to user


4. The user you selected in step 3. should receive an e-mail based on the template, which can look like on the screenshot below. Notice that the link of awagent.com actually contains a full set of parameters, same as the QR code and actually points to:

AirWatch e-mail received


5. When the user clicks on the link or scans the QR code, he is presented with the following webpage, from where he can continue the enrollment process.

AirWatch enrollment


If you would like to have further information or want help to setup this process, please contact us via our webform or click on the "Support" tab at the left side of our webpage.