With the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) organizations can automatically supervise and enroll new devices to AirWatch MDM at the first power on.

Overview and Business Challenges

Organizations which have signed up for the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) can order new devices which are already supervised and pre-configured with an AirWatch MDM enrollment profile. Users get into the enrollment setup assistant at the first power on of the device and only need to authenticate with their corporate credentials (for example Active Directory account) to finalize the MDM enrollment process.

The target of DEP is to address the following business challenges.

  • Some advanced MDM features are only available on Supervised devices
  • Supervising devices requires IT overhead of manually provisioning every device using Apple Configurator
  • Standard Enrollment process might be too complex/confusing for some users
  • Once enrolled, users can un-enroll devices by deleting the MDM profile
  • Users of unsupervised devices might enable "Find my iPad" or "Find my iPhone" which enables the Activation Lock of the device, making it difficult for IT to reset the device

To get detailed instructions on how to join the Apple DEP program and best practices for setup, please CONTACT US. 


Benefits of the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with AirWatch

  • Factory installation of a non-removable MDM profile on the device - Zero touch for corporate IT
  • Provisioning of devices in Supervised mode without having to connect each device to Apple Configurator
  • Supervised devices address the problem of Activation Lock - IT can bypass the Activation Lock for devices they reset via AirWatch MDM
  • Enrollment to AirWatch MDM is enforced for all end users
  • Customization and streamlining of the first power on experience for the user


Integration with AirWatch MDM

AirWatch contains a wizard which allows the creation of a setup profile to define how devices should be enrolled, using the Apple DEP program.

The following settings can be configured.


  • Define if users need to authenticate during initial power on in the setup assistant
  • If authentication is turned off, a staging mode can be selected to enroll shared devices or enroll a device with an administrative account so that a user authenticates later by opening the AirWatch MDM Agent
  • Predefine the Device Ownership Type
  • Predefine the Organization Group

MDM Features

Setup Profile Name, Department and Support Phone Number

Enable or disable the following options:

  • Require MDM enrollment
  • Allow removal of MDM Profile
  • Supervision
  • Device pairing

Setup Assistant

The following options can be skipped from being prompted to the user on initial power on. If set to "Skip", the device will default to "disabled" for that specific setting.

  • Passcode
  • Location Services
  • Restoring from Backup
  • Sign in with Apple ID and iCloud
  • Terms of use and conditions
  • Siri
  • Diagnostics
  • Registration


Prefer a video instead?

Below a video of the AirWatch integration with the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).



Any Questions?

To get detailed instructions on how to join the Apple DEP program and best practices for setup, please CONTACT US.