Route To Mobility

Working habits are transforming. "Nine to Five" is no longer the standard and free time and work are mixed together in smaller slices than earlier. This enables more efficient ways of work, but only if organisations tools make such way of working possible. It environments are changing and earlier homogenic architectures are collapsing. Technologies like mobile and cloud are the tools that make the new ways of working possible. Fitting the new tools as a part of the existing infrastructure demands careful consideration and planning.

Our specialists will help you to navigate in the cloud and mobile service solution jungle. Our consultants have a long experience in service oriented development and our specialists are used to working with concepts like:

  • architecture
  • processes
  • service management
  • information security and
  • strategic development

Whether your project is in the beginning or you need help for your ongoing project our Reitti-service will help you forward. Reitti-service will help you avoid the shoals of implementing mobile and cloud services.

"Reitti is Finnish and means route or course"

The service consists of followinf components:

  • present state analysis
  • risk analysis
  • mobile device policy
  • development plan

As the deliverable of the service your organisation will get a cloud and mobility development plan based on your business goals.

Reitti is a cost effective way to examine your organisations possibilities to utilize cloud an mobile services. If you have a specific issue you would like to tackle we are also happy to create a custom service for your need.